Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m interested in owning my own SUBWAY® restaurant. How do I get started?

We’d love to have you join our team! You’ll be part of a group of more than 21,000 SUBWAY® franchisees who share your entrepreneurial spirit.

Joining the SUBWAY® team gives you the great opportunity to own your own business-but not just any business: an established global brand with a proven operating system already in place.

It’s easy to get started. Your first step is to complete the Application for Additional Information.

2. How much are the franchise/transfer fees?

To purchase a new franchise, the fee is $15,000. To purchase an existing SUBWAY® franchise, the seller will incur a transfer fee. This fee can range between $3750 and $7500, depending on the year of the Franchise Agreement. It is not uncommon for the seller to request the buyer contribute towards the fee.

3. How much does it cost to purchase a Subway® restaurant?

To purchase an existing SUBWAY® franchise, the asking prices can range from $50,000 to $750,000, depending on the volume and profitability.

4. How much are the royalty and advertising fees?

Subway® Franchisees pay 12.5% every week (gross sales minus the sales tax); 8% goes toward the franchise royalties and 4.5% goes towards advertising.

5. Is financing available?

We offer an equipment leasing program and also work with companies that help secure financing for new franchisees. For more information about our approved financing companies, please review our finance programs chart.

6. Will there be training and support?

Of course; all of our new franchisees attend a two week training course at our World Headquarters, or one of our many training centers around the world. Once training is complete, on-going support comes in many forms, including local development offices, e-learning training courses, a weekly newsletter and much more.

9. I am eager to get started. How long does the transfer process typically take?

While every case is different, the typical length of time between the time you complete the initial transfer paperwork, to when you take over the SUBWAY® franchise is between 3-4 months.

10. What is a Franchise Disclosure Document and how do I obtain the document?

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will describe in detail how the SUBWAY® franchise relationship operates and will specify how the company is organized. It will also contain franchisee contact information so that you can contact our owners to get the information needed for your research. Once you complete an Application for Additional Information, we will forward it to you.

11. What is a Development Agent?

Development Agents are franchise brokers assigned to geographical areas. They oversee franchise sales, site selection, training and operational assistance for franchisees. Development Agents also make recommendations as to whether a prospective franchisee in their territory should be granted a franchise. Our Development Agents are Travis Woolley & Doug Leitzell.

12. Are there any opportunities in my area?

Completing an Application for Additional Information is the first step in the process in learning about these new opportunities. Once you complete the application and initial screening process, you will be contacted by our Franchise Sales team to discuss any potential opportunities. We also keep an internal list of all SUBWAY® restaurants for sale in our territory. Upon your pre-approval, we’ll work with you to identify the best opportunity for you.

13. Do you a have a franchise brochure that I can view?

We have a number of PDF versions of the SUBWAY® brochure for various regions of the world.

14. I have more questions about how to get started, who can I contact?

If you have additional questions or would like to talk to a sales representative, you can contact Michael P MacDonald via email at or by phone at 717-756-2412